100E Universal Silicone

100E Universal Silicone

100E is an one-component acetoxy cure silicone sealant for a range of general sealing and glazing applications. It  provides  a  strong  adhesion  and  suitable  for  use  on  common  non-porous  building materials. 

  • Stays permenantly elastic after curing.
  • Remains flexible in low and high temperatures.
  • Resistant to temperature exteremes.
  • Resistance to aging, cracking and discoloring.
Application Area
  • Sealing around windows and doors.
  • Sealing in DIY applications.
  • On bathroom, kitchen and plumbing applications.
  • Connection and expansion joints on glass, porcelain, steel etc.
  • Sealing electric, telephone etc. sockets and switches.

LaokoodTootekoodTooteliikVolumeKogus KastisKaste AluselTriipkood
SA041100ETransparent280 ml24--
SA042100EWhite280 ml---
SA043100EBlack280 ml---
SA046100EGrey280 ml---
SA049100EGolden Oak280 ml---
SA047100EAluminium -Simli grey280 ml---
SA044100EBrown280 ml---
SA802100EWhite80 ml ---
SA801100ETransparent80 ml ---
SA111100ETransparent / Blister50 ml---
SA112100EWhite / Blister50 ml---

Joint Sealant Calculator
Joint Sealant Calculator
Joint Sealant Calculator
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