612J PU Express Aluminum Corner Joint

612J PU Express Aluminum Corner Joint

One-Component, fast curing polyurethane based adhesive with high adhesion properties which is exclusively developed for bonding the aluminum corner angles, along with all kinds of aluminum materials in building material’s corner joint applications without nail and screw.

  • Perfect bonding capability to aluminum surfaces,
  • Low pressing time,
  • Easy to use both in vertical and horizontal surfaces with non-sag properties,
  • Low consumption, economical,
  • Not effected by the moisture,
  • Resistant to weather conditions and chemicals,
  • For both interior and exterior usage,
  • Transparent,
  • Also provides good adhesive strength with various substrates.
Application Area
  • Aluminum brackets, doors and windows,
  • Bonding of aluminum materials to most common substrates like, wood, MDF, concrete, metal, polystyrene and polyurethane foam, PVC, granite, Marble, glass, ceramic,
  • Also can be used for bonding most building materials.

LaokoodTootekoodTooteliikVolumeKogus KastisKaste AluselTriipkood
GA412612JPlastic Cardridge310 ml.12--

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Joint Sealant Calculator
Joint Sealant Calculator
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