C950 Chemical Anchor Pure Epoxy

C950 Chemical Anchor Pure Epoxy

Akfix C950 is a heavy duty epoxy injection mortar for solid base materials. It works in dry, damp and flooded holes with a fast curing time.


  • Works in damp and flooded holes
  • No shrinkage, can be used in oversized holes
  • Suitable for reinforcing bars in plain structures
  • Styrene free, very low odour
  • Thixotropic, can be applied in both vertical and horizontal directions
  • Fast curing
Applications Area
  • Heavy load-carrying attachments in solid stone and concrete.
  • Repair mortar or adhesive mortar for concrete components.
  • Attachment of anchor rods, threaded collars, reinforcement bars, profiles etc.
  • Medium-load applications in hollow-bricks.
  • Fixing of;


- Wooden constructions
- Metal constructions
- Metal profiles
- Sanitary fittings
- Pipe connections
- Projecting roofs
- Facades
- Cable trays
- Railings
- Staircases
- Gates
- Window elements

CA046C950PUR Epoxy400 ml12--
CA646C950PUR Epoxy600 ml12--

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