D2 PVA Glue  Super Frame Work

D2 PVA Glue Super Frame Work

Akfix D2 is water based adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate homopolymer emulsion. It is specially formulated to conform to EN 204 (D2).

  • High bond strength on numerous substrates
  • Water based
  • Easy application
  • Dries transparent
Application Area

Suitable for bonding wood, decorative laminates,chipboard, blockboard etc. which have limited exposure to high humidity

LaokoodTootekoodTooteliikVolumeKogus KastisKaste AluselTriipkood
AP205D2Plastic BootleGw.500 gr12--
AP201D2Plastic BootleGw.1 kg 12--
AP250D2Plastic BootleGw.3 kg 4--
AP210D2Plastic BootleGw.10 kg 1--
AP230D2Plastic BootleGw.30 kg 1--
AP215D2Plastic BootleGw. 150 gr.48--

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Joint Sealant Calculator
Joint Sealant Calculator
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