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617W PU Express Wood Adhesive

PU Express Wood Adhesive is an one-component polyurethane based moisture resistant adhesive which is suitable for use in bonding any kind of wood including moisturized wood. It is advantageous in the areas of general wood bonding, window and door frame, door, furniture, ship and stairs production with its high adhesive strength and fast curing capabilities.

  • Moisture and weather resistant after cured,
  • D4 water resistance class according to DIN EN 204,
  • Fast curing but also gives the ability to make adjustmens
  • Low press time,
  • Low consumption, economical,
  • It can be used on slightly damp surfaces,
  • Usable in both vertical and horizontal surfaces cause of its non-slump properties,
  • Provides chemical resistance,
  • One component, easy to use and dispose,
  • Transparent, No odor.
Applications Area
  • A premium choice for moisturized areas,
  • In every kind of wood work; from furniture to marine industry and to window and door frame, door and stairs production,
  • Useable with wide range of porous and non-porous material like wood, plywood, concrete, brick, PVC, granite, marble, natural stone, glass, polycarbonate, metal, ceramic etc.
  • Also good for mounting isolation, decorative polystyrene and wall panels.

S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
GA417 617 W - 310ml 12 - -

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