Pur Primer 90  1K PU Primer

Pur Primer 90 1K PU Primer

Akfix PUR Primer 90 is a transparent, half-elastic, single component polyurethane primer that penetrates to deep. It is a solvent-based product. It cures with the moisture of the surface and the air.

  • Excellent adhesion to absorbent surfaces.
  • Highly elastic to meet surface movements.
  • Easy application (by roller or airless gun).
  • Resistant to accumulated water and frost.
  • Economical
Application Area
  • It can be used as a primer especially for concrete surfaces before applıcatıon of polyurethane based waterproofıng membranes and sealants like Akfix 450

LaokoodTootekoodTooteliikVolumeKogus KastisKaste AluselTriipkood
APR15PUR PRIMER 90TransparentNet. 15 kg1--
APR05PUR PRIMER 90TransparentNet. 5 kg1--

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