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AC592 Acoustic Sealant
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AC592 Acoustic Sealant

AC592 Acoustic Sealant is a permanently flexible, acrylic water based acoustical sealant especially formulated to reduce sound transmission  from leaking through joints and edges of all types of wall partitions in soundproofing projects. It also provides  sound dampening , smoke and moisture barrier between different construction substrates .

AC592 Acoustic Sealant

Product Information

  • Reduces sound transmission.
  • Stays flexible for high acoustic performance.
  • Adheres to wide range of materials including wood, brick, foamboard, concrete, greenboard, drywall, cementboard etc.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Eco-friendly: Low VOC and low odor.
  • Easy water cleanup.
  • Easy application with non-sag properties.
  • Over paintable.
Applications Area
  • Provides an effective acoustic barrier for sealing gaps, perimeter joints,   and partitions between two soundproofing materials including  plasterboard,  drywalls, foamboard where an acoustic barrier is required.
  • Sealing and bonding joints between walls and the floor or ceiling.
  • Also suitable to use in perimeter of   recessed lighting, plumbing pipes,   air ducts,  electrical conduits, windows, and doors.
  • Adheres to numerious substrates including wood, brick, masonry,  plasterboard, foamboard, concrete, gypsumboard, greenboard, drywall,  cementboard, metal studding and other insulation boards  etc.
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AC5922 AC592 White 310 ml - - -
AC5962 AC592 White 600 ml - - -