How to Apply Silicone in 4 Steps?

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How to Apply Silicone in 4 Steps

Silicone is one of the materials we need for processes in every corner of our home. Silicone, which has many different color options, has a very wide range of uses. It is used in many areas ranging from insulation applications to adhesion and bonding.

It keeps water and moisture away in places such as doors, windows, cabinets, shower cabinets, and aquariums. Care should be taken to ensure that the application area is long-lasting and does not have water discharge. For a successful outcome when applying silicone, just follow the steps below. 

How to Apply Silicone in 4 Steps

Required Materials

  • Silicone Gun
  • Silicone
  • Snap Blade Knife
  • Joint leveling apparatus

How to Apply Silicone in 4 Steps

Clean the Surface

The most important issue at this stage is that the application surface must be clean, free of dust, oil and similar things. In this way, the silicone you will apply will effectively adhere to the surface.

If there is old and cured silicone in the application area, scrape them with a cutting tool such as a razor or knife without damaging the surface. Clean the scraped surface with a cloth soaked with detergent. You should make sure that the surface is thoroughly dry after cleaning. The application you will perform on wet surfaces will not be effective.

Prepare the Silicone
Attach silicone to the silicone gun. Make a small incision in the tip of the silicone with the help of a sharp tool. 

Make a try
If you are going to use a silicone gun for the first time, it would be good to do a few tries on a blank cardboard or paper first.

Apply the silicone, which you hold at a 45-degree angle, slowly and carefully in a flat manner to the surface where you will apply it. Level it by pressing the silicone with a silicone spatula or finger within 5 minutes after applying the silicone to ensure sufficient contact with the surface. This process will both provide better adhesion of the silicone and result in a better filling outlook. Do not let it come into contact with water for 24 hours. Smeared but not yet uncured silicone can be removed by a silicone cleaning thinner. Cured silicone can be cleaned by mechanical means. 

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