How to Make a Decorative Ornament from Chinese Paper Lantern?

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Here are some more of the DIY ideas through the series of #DIYsolutions with Akfix. We introduce the series of DIY Solutions, shared through our social media accounts, to our blog. You can find the detailed instructions in here, and enjoy being the decorator of your own house by making them.

Nowadays, recycling has become of utmost importance in our lives. We don’t just throw away our old goods anymore, but we think of the various ways to make use of them. And while we’re at it, we try to not to overspend. In fact, it is possible to make it happen with the products we can find everywhere easily. Hanging them up high, you can use these colorful balls of which we share the instructions in your home, especially in your balcony and garden. Also, you can create a romantic atmosphere in summer evenings by putting candles or led lights within.


Moreover, you can give a magic touch to your organizations such as bachelor party, henna night and wedding by using these ornaments as decors. The ornaments can be one colored or colorful, depending on your preference.

Required materials; cardboard with the color of your choice, paper lantern, scissors and Akfix Super Glue. Cut the cardboards in circles with the diameter of 6.5 cm according to the size of the lantern. Bond the circles with Akfix Super Glue and pay attention to put them onto each other in an overlapping manner. Start the bonding process from the top. Since Akfix Super Glue gets dry really fast, we don’t have to wait too much to glue them. By this way, we can make lanterns as much as we want. We hang the lanterns by the help of a fishing line to the area we want to decorate. Now, your handicraft ornaments are ready to enjoy.


Liven up your life with the series of DIY Solutions of Akfix.

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