How to Use Mirror Adhesive/Silicone?

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Mirrors are an important part of our home decoration. We use mirrors in every room of our homes, from the living room to the bedroom, from the bathroom to the hallway. What if we told you that it is possible to install mirrors without drilling walls, using drills and getting dirty? The only material we need is mirror adhesive.

Not all adhesives are suitable for mirror installation. Akfix Mirror Adhesive(mirror silicone) has been specially developed for gluing mirrors. It provides long-term use because it does not cause corrosion in mirrors. It is odorless. It does not harm the environment because it does not contain solvents. With Akfix Mirror Adhesive, you can strongly glue the mirror to many areas such as tiles, wood, walls and cabinets.

How to Use Mirror Adhesive/Silicone?

What Should Be Considered Before Using Mirror Adhesive?

Select the area where you will glue the mirror. Since mirror adhesive is a very strong adhesive, it will be difficult to remove it again. If the wall is clean and smooth, it will allow the mirror to adhere much more firmly. Clean the back of the mirror and the area with a clean cloth.

How is Mirror Adhesive Applied?

Mark the area where the mirror will be hung with a pencil or masking tape. Attach the mirror adhesive to the silicone gun and cut it with a sharp tool so that the tip is at 45 degrees. Mirror adhesive should be applied vertically with a thickness of 3-5mm and a length of 10-30 cm depending on the length of the mirror. A distance of approximately 3-7 cm should be left between each strip of silicone. Applying the adhesive to the surface in circles, rectangles and similar shapes will prevent air circulation and the mirror is likely to deteriorate over time.

How to Use Mirror Adhesive/Silicone?

After application, keep the waiting time short and stick the mirror to the wall within 5-10 minutes. After the gluing process, apply pressure with your hand for a while. Then apply masking tape to the top and bottom of the mirror. Wait at least 24 hours for effective adhesion.

How to Use Mirror Adhesive/Silicone?

How to Clean Mirror Adhesive?

The adhesive that has seeped here and there that has not yet cured can be cleaned with cleaning thinner. The cured adhesive can be cleaned by mechanical means.

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