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Having a substantial area of use in ever-expanding construction-building and automotive sectors, mastics are chemical materials used for sealing, adhesion and filling-grouting purposes. In conjunction with the advancement of the technology in every possible field, performances have been endeavored to be optimized by developing low-intermediate performance class acrylic mastic derivatives and high performance silicon and polyurethane mastic derivatives. Developed as a result of these endeavors, Hybrid Mastics has eventually become prevalent and the preference of millions of user worldwide. Such products are also named as MS Mastic.

MS Hybrid Mastics is a novel adhesive and grouting technology in where the superior features of polyurethane and silicon technologies are congregated and united.


General Features of MS Hybrid Mastics;

Incorporates an environmentally-friendly formula free from isocyanate and volatile organic compounds.
Ensures excellent adhesion without requiring primer application on various surfaces.
Resistant against ultra-violet (UV-rays) and environmental factors.
Does not result in shrinking, bleeding and stains.
Easily applicable on wet and humid surfaces.
Cures without forming bubbles.


General Features of MS Hybrid Mastics;

Akfix AST High Tack Hybrid Adhesive can be preferred for high performance adhesion processes in challenging applications. Thanks to its high initial adherence feature, it provides adhesion potential even in the most challenging applications on steep and vertical surfaces without using any support and mount.

Please click here to watch the underwater adhesion performance of Akfix MS High Tack;
Please click here to watch the Adhesive Adhesion Performance of Akfix MS High Tack;
Please click here to watch the mirror adhesion application with Akfix MS High Tack;

AST Clear is required to be preferred for insulation and sealing applications featuring and emphasizing on aesthetic look. Incorporates hybrid based formula. An entirely transparent adhesive and filling-grouting material.

Akfix AST Flexi Mastic can be used in the construction sector for the insulation of cross joints and expansion joints. AST Multiseal can usually be used for general adhesion and sealing purpose applications, whereas AST Universal is preferred for low-motion joints and junction points of manufactures with metal sheet content.


Under Which Names MS Hybrid Mastics Are Used In The Market?

It is recognized and known in the market with the names such as Ms Sealant, Ms Adhesive, Hybrid Sealant, Hybrid Adhesive, Ms High Tack, MS Clear, Ms Universal, Initial tack, Initial Tack Adhesive, High Tack Adhesive, MS Polymer, MS Polymer Adhesive, MS Polymer Sealant.

What is AST?

Akkim Smart Technology (AST) is a new generation polymer technology developed by Akkim Yapı Kimyasalları (Construction Chemicals). High quality adhesives and grouting products with superior features for Construction-Building, Automotive and Wood industries. 

Please click here to watch Akfix AST Technology introductory video;

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