What Is Wood Adhesive? What Are The Types? Where And How Is It Used?

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The usage of the wood materials has improved considerably with the development of the industry and consequently the demand for wood adhesives has also increased accordingly.

Today, there are many types of wood adhesives. Choosing the right product is very important to keep your work smooth and hassle-free.  First of all, you should identify your application area and choose the appropriate adhesive for it.  There are several types of adhesives commonly used in woodworks.  The use of each of these varies based on the properties such as curing time, strength, viscosity and water resistance.  

Akfix wood adhesives and glues offer an extensive range of solutions to its users in this regard.  These are polyurethane adhesives, silicone-based adhesives, water-based adhesives, cyanoacrylate adhesives and aerosol adhesives. 

The 5 most popular types of wood adhesives and their usage are

1. Polyvinyl Acetate (White Glue, PVA Adhesive, PVA Glue) Wood

Glues are water-based and generally used for the furniture manufacturing.   As the surface cleaning is quite important, the old adhesive residues should be cleaned off and the surface should be free of dirt.  It requires pressing when applied on vertical environments.  D2 and D3 can be in water resistance classes. As it is water resistant, it is used in high volume adhesion processes such as bonding of decorative papers on the surfaces at the manufacturing of windows, joinery, doors, external door frames, stairs and wood furniture that are water vapor and moisture resistant.  In Turkey, white glue is known as framework glue, contact glue, furniture glue, frame glue and water-based wood glue, whereas in the world, it is known as white glue, wood glue, liquid glue, furniture glue, carpenter glue, PVA glue. 


2. Double Component Epoxy Adhesive (E300), Epoxy Wood Adhesive;

They are very strong adhesives with high filling properties. They do not require pressing.  Epoxies are water-proof and they can be blended with a dry powder with an appropriate color to balance it with the color of the wood.  It can be used in both manufacturing and repair works.  Although epoxies are very strong adhesives, they should not be used in the rotating and dynamic areas.  White glues (D2,D3), polyurethane adhesives (360FC, PA360) should be selected for the rotating and dynamic areas. In Turkey, epoxy adhesives are also known as wood epoxy adhesive, epoxy adhesive for general purpose, water resistant epoxy adhesive, wood ceramic adhesive, syringe adhesive, whereas it is also known in the world as wood epoxy adhesive, rapid wood adhesive, syringe adhesive, waterproof epoxy adhesive, rapid set adhesive.


3. Super Glue, Cyanocrylates (Rapid Adhesives);

Their most important property is to ensure very strong adhesion in a very short time.  They are often used to bond small pieces of wood to each other.  They are widely used in minor repair works.  Another important feature is that it ensures the pressing process to be more accurate and fast.  Since it can also polish the surface, it can be used as a coating on small wooden items.  Gel adhesives used with accelerator activators yield faster results. Akfix 705 fast adhesive, consisting of cyanoacrylate gel and accelerator spray, is a life-saver product in case of difficult moments and when you want fast results in short period of time.  In Turkey, it is also known as MDF Kit, MDF Adhesive, Mitre Adhesive, Rapid Wood Adhesive, Rapid Co, Rapid Adhesive, Rapid Strong Adhesive, Rapid Marble Adhesive, Double Component adhesive, 2K Adhesive.  It is also known abroad as Fast Adhesive, Fast Glue, Instant Glue, Fast Stick, Stick Fast, Mitre Adhesive, Mitre Glue, 2K Fast Adhesive etc. 


4. Polyurethane-Based Adhesives; Wood Glue, Marine Glue, Marine Adhesive, Pedestal Adhesive;

They can be used to bond almost any material to wood.  (Ceramic, fabric, glass, metal, stone, metal and wood etc.)  They are indispensable products in areas continuously exposed to water.  They provide very good adhesion and they do not cause any damage especially on greasy and waxed exotic components of wood (mahogany). Akfix PA370 PU wood glue offers high performance solutions in this area. In Turkey, they are known as polyurethane wood glue, polyurethane ship glue, polyurethane sea glue, polyurethane profile glue, marine glue, transparent marine glue, yellow glue, yacht glue, glass fiber sea glue, whereas in the world, they are known as wood glue, pu marine adhesive, aqua seal pu adhesive, multi purpose pu adhesive, rapid pu adhesive, Brown pu glue, wood stone metal adhesive.


5. Polyurethane Assembly Adhesive;

It is used for assembling components of the cupboards and for bonding of all common building materials (wood, MDF, concrete, metal).  It is also known as Liquid Nail. It is suitable for many porous and non-porous surfaces in structures and repairs, where permanent and strong adhesion is required.  The best product for this type of repair is Akfix 610 Polyurethane Montage Adhesive. It can also be used in places such as kitchens and bathrooms thanks to its waterproof performance. 
Even at temperatures up to 80°C bonding strength will not decline. 
In Turkey, it is also known as wood adhesive, liquid nail, construction adhesive, Assembly adhesive, cupboard components assembly kit, cupboard assembly silicone, aluminum corner adhesive, elevated floor adhesive.  It is known in the world as wood adhesive, no nail, without nail, assembly adhesive, construction adhesive, aluminum corner joint pu adhesive, pedestal adhesive, subfloor pu adhesive and polyurethane adhesive.


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