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2K Fence Post Fix

2K Fence Post Fix

Fence Post Fix is a fast setting polyurethane foam designed specifically for supporting and backfilling of wooden, PVC, steel and many types of inground posts. It is a two component, pre-proportioned system that expands to fill the peripheral void between a post and the hole.

2K Fence Post Fix

Product Information

  • Easy to use;

- No more handling heavy bags of concrete,
- No water is required,
- No messy concrete mixing.

  • Quickly sets and fast to apply;

- No time is wasted loading and unloading heavy concrete bags,
- Sets in 3-5 minutes (depending on temperature)

  • High strength against impacts and shocks,
  • Adheres to wood, vinyl and metal posts as well as to the ground better than concrete,
  • Waterproof; helps protecting the post against rotting,
  • Can be used outside both in summer and winter time.
Applications Area
  • Fence posts,
  • Garden light posts,
  • Mailboxes,
  • Signs,
  • Sport posts and poles such as basketball, football, volleyball and tennis.