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WA500 Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive Premium

Uygulama resimleri

WA500 Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive Premium

Akfix WA500 is a premium Wallpaper Adhesive which is based on cold water dispersible starch derivative.

WA500 Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive Premium

Product Information

  • Easy to apply.
  • Thanks to quick dissolving adhesive, viscosity rise quickly.
  • Allows time for positioning.
  • Makes future removal quick and easy.
  • Dissolves in water with ease.
  • Can be cleaned with a sponge and water.
  • Contains anti-fungal & bacterial protection. 
Applications Area

Thoroughly clean walls and ceilings. Painted walls and highly glazed non-porous walls should be lightly sanded and washed down. Old wall coverings and paste must be removed with a Wallpaper Remover. Porous substrates should be sized. Allow thoroughly drying before hanging wallpapers / wall coverings.

S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
WA525 WA500 - 250 gr. 50 - -
WA522 WA500 - 25 kg. 1 - -