What is the Fast Adhesive, Mdf Kit? Where is it used? How is it used?

What is the Fast Adhesive, Mdf Kit? Where is it used? How is it used?

Fast adhesive (MDF Kit) has quite an extensive area of use in every aspect of life. It is consisted of one cyanoacrylate and one aerosol activator. It has quite powerful adhesion strength and features prompt initial bonding.    

Fast Adhesive is literally a life-saver in difficult moments. Upon application, it bonds materials just in a few seconds. It is a handy product you would always want to have in difficult moments requiring fast solutions and results.

It has various names worldwide: it is known as MDF Kit, Fast Adhesive, Fast Glue, Instant Glue, Stick Fast, Mitre Adhesive, Mitre Glue, Hızlı Yapıştırıcı, 2K Adhesive and others.


Where is the Fast Adhesive, MDF Kit used?

Fast Adhesive has numerous areas of use. It is used in numerous areas requiring fast adhesion such as Indoors and Outdoors, at Home, Workplace, Manufacturing Workshops, Vehicles, at Holiday, while Traveling, in Gardens, Art Workshops, Artistic works, Architectural Workshops, Furniture Workshops, in manufacturing of Gifts and Souvenirs, in manufacturing of Bijouterie, Model Kits, Vehicle repair and care workshops, for Aircraft modeling, for toy repairing, for the application of decorative products, etc.  

It can further be used for fast and easy bonding and adhesion in just a few seconds for Mdf edge assembly and bonding, wood, metal, aluminum, marble, concrete, stone, granite, ceramics, molding, natural stone, polyurethane materials, leather and many hard plastic products.


How is the Fast Adhesive, MDF Kit used?

The surfaces of application must be clean, dry and free from all sorts of dirt and grease. Activator is applied onto one of the materials to be bonded and then let it three to five seconds for the surface to be dried. After applying cyanoacrylate onto the other material, surfaces are joined and pressed together for a few seconds. And here we go, the parts then are bonded with each other strongly.

Please click for a video of an application sample

The porous surface structure of one of the materials to be bonded enhances the strength and rate of adhesion. As the viscosity is low, it can be used for vertical surfaces with ease. Does not exude, leak and efflux.

Akfix 705 Fast Adhesive, the most preferred adhesive all around the world is also known as MDF Kit.


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